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Here I will be giving insights into some of my sessions how they went and some lovely photos to go with them so keep checking to se if you feature on my blog.


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Baby Sitter photo shoot sessions in Essex

By Tracy main, Mar 12 2018 06:03PM

I must apologise as I have not blogged from any of my recent sessions.

With the run up to Christmas and being crazily busy with Chistmas photo shoots and my normal shoots I have constantly been playing catch up with my editing.

I thought in January it would quiten down but for some reason everyone decided to have their babies the same time and I have been inundated with newborns (which I Love) I think it had somthing to do with the power of the super moon .

This included my own grand daughter being born 11 weeks early so a lot of time has been taken up with hospital visits to NICU ( I will be blogging on her progress soon But she is 4 weeks old and doing well at the min}

Anyway I will start sharing some of these newborn sessions when I get a chance but first I wanted to show some babies off from my sitter sessions.

Older baby photo shoot sitter session
Older baby photo shoot sitter session

This Is Jacob He was nearly 6 months but not quite sitting up yet. It is not a problem if baby is not sitting up I can still get some lovely shots on the bean bag and in certain props

baby boy sailor photo shoot essex
baby boy sailor photo shoot essex

I have lots of knitted outfits with matching hats and more traditional outfits for girls and boys at this age

Sitter sessions are ideal for babies from 3 months old up untill they start crawling

From 3 months old babies can lay on their tummies and I can capture some lovely smiles and babies personality at the same time.

Introducing April

April was about 8 months wehn she came for her sttter session she was sitting up nicely and not crawling I can do several different setup and bcak drops including these lovely naked baby shots not showing anything that shouldnt be seen but just lovely baby rolls.

I have lots of ovely tutus for litte girls and beads flowers everything girly for your precious little princess

Sitter baby photo shoot on doll chair
Sitter baby photo shoot on doll chair

This small traditional doll armchair is so popular with my newborn shoots and older baby shoots as well. It can be used in a watch me grow photo shoot photographing baby on here as a newborn then at 6 months then used again at the first brthday shoot making a nice triple picture frame for the wall.

This little fox outfit arrived just before Aprils shoot so I wanted to try it out and how cute does she look as a fox in my rustic tree stump prop with the forset figures and toadstools . I also use this setup in my newborn shoots so again can be used for all three stage sgoots that i do {watch me grow}

Introducing Tiffany

Tiffany came in just beore Christmas as mum and dad wanted some nice pictures of her for Christmas presents.

She has the most amazing eyes and was such a happy girl she really rocked her session.

I love simple shots of babies sitting on my fur rugs no distactions just the baby

If booking a sitter session you have enough time for several changes of clothes . Tiffanys mum and dad brought her own clothes in and also used one of mine

This is one of my vintage style ruffle romper set with matching pearls and headband. I also have a matching newborn ruffle romper outfit.

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