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Here I will be giving insights into some of my sessions how they went and some lovely photos to go with them so keep checking to se if you feature on my blog.


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Essex First Birthday Cake smash Photo shoot

By Tracy main, Oct 17 2019 06:11PM

Smash the cake or not That is the question?
Smash the cake or not That is the question?

I have been rather lapse with my blogs so thought it is about time to start sharing some posts with you from my recent sessions.

Cake smash photo shoot What does it involve?

I have several different packages with my cake smash birthday photo shoots.

Every one will however include some images before the shoot of baby and parents can be included as well.

I do this as some babies just do not like the cake so I get some nice pictures before they might get upset shoving a strange messy slimy object in front of them . ( You can bring a nice outfit for baby to be photographed in before the mess or you can choose one of my many outfits. I do have some designer oufits, braces, shorts, waistcoats ,shirts, dresses tutus monsoon dresses, Rachel Riley oufits)

It can be very daunting to them so I allow plenty of time for babies to try and come to terms with this strange object. ( It can help before the session introducing baby to the texture taste and feel of butter icing or cream icicng to see how they get on with it and whether they actually like the taste of cake .

There are some babies that come and just absolutely love being messy and cant get enough of the cake they eat so much that I have to take it away to stop them being sick. So it is quite a good idea to see if your baby likes cake or not before the session.

It is not a problem if they dont like the cake as I still get pictures of baby with the cake if they dont want to smash it, its all the more cake left for mum and dad to take home and eat.

The pictures in this blog are taken from Mikayils cake smash and splash photo shoot today. I do have several themes colour schemes and set ups for my cake smash sessions. Mum wanted my hot air baloon theme. Doesnt he look cute. Mikayils is wearing one of my bespoke hand made shorts bow tie and cap set.

Hot air baloon cake smash photoshoot
Hot air baloon cake smash photoshoot

After a few pictures in the hot air baloon we took him out to get some cute shots of him with my wooden toy aeroplane . If you thought he looked cute before this is cuteness overload.

First birthday photo shoot
First birthday photo shoot

After a quick change into the cake smash outfit that again is mine and sitting behind the most amazing cake that mum had had especially made was the time we found out that he didnt really like cake.

Blue Cake smash cake
Blue Cake smash cake

I got several pictures of him with the cake but to be honest it didnt mater that he didnt want to smash it as to me it was just too perfect to ruin it also saved the mess of cleaning everyone up.

I think this photo of him with the cake is just as nice as if he had been stuck right into it. It is a memory and moment that has now been frozen in time. Babies grow so fast and it is so important to capture their milestones as they grow.

Rub a Dub dub in the Tub
Rub a Dub dub in the Tub

After the cake smash has finished or when I think baby has had enough cake or is just not into the cake I offer a bath splash. You dont have to have the bath splash as part of the package but it is a great way to clean baby up after the messy cake. Most babies love their bath and bubbles and have a splashing time.

If you would like to find out more about my sessions or book a shoot then please contact me .

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