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About Me

Hi I am Tracy Main and I am the photographer behind Tracy Main Photography . My favourite thing in the whole world is seeing my work large and beautifully hand finished on my clients walls.

I am passionate about what I do and providing my clients with an experience that they wont forget. I take such pride in offering my clients beautiful timeless images that they are able to cherish for years to come.

As a child I was always the happy snapper using any excuse to pick up a camera. Photographing everything and anything that took my fancy . When my children came along they took the focus of my pictures . I now have 5 beautiful grandchildren that I get to practice and style all my new set ups on.

As a parent I absolutely loved having professional pictures of my children and my walls were always full of them . As they still are now. Even though I have my grandchildrens images plastered all over my walls I still have a wall art that was taken by a proffesional of my three children when they were small and is still looks as good now as it did then.

That is the benefit of a professional photographer wall art that is truely timeless and will never fade even when memories do.

W.C. Fields famously said: “Never work with animals or children”, but I found baby and newborn photography to be one of the most rewarding professions. This quickly expanded into maternity and family photography and the rest is history as they say.

I do feel when choosing a photographer for your family that you make sure you do your research to choose the right photographer for you.

Being  a qualified professional photographer is one of the things you should look for as so many people these days just pick up a camera make a facebook page and call themselves a photographer.

To become a qualified photographer takes a lot of work commitment and talent. I am a qualified master photographer at licentiship level.

I pride myself in providing my clients with award winning images.
I am constantly trying to improve my work and enter regular competitions with images that I have taken in client sessions.

I win monthly awards with the Guild of photographers , Master photographers Association , Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers to name a few

Tracy Main at beach
Tracy Main photographer
Images credited to Charlotte Broster
Tracy Main Photo


Best Achievements in international Annual photography competitions so far

  • Guild of Photographers – Photographers Bar newborn and babies 2017
  • Master Photographers -Finalist Print Competition 2018
  • Guild Of Photographers – Founders Cup Runner Up 2018
  • Guild of Photographers Photographers Bar in 2 categories newborn and baby, people 2018
  • SWPP – Finalist Print Competition 2018
  • Master Photographers -Finalist Print Competition 2019
  • Guild of Photographers top 10 Finalist Baby category 2019
  • Guild of photographers top 10 finalist people category 2019
  • Guild of photographer Bar – 2 categories newborn and baby, people, pets 2019
  • Master Photographers – Finalist Print Competition 2020
  • Guilld of photographers – Photographers bar 2 categories newborn and babies , people 2020
  • Maternity photography Awards Finalist baby category and Fineart category 2020
  • Guild of Photographers Founders Cup finalist 2020
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Happy customer
Adinek Oke
I had a first birthday photoshoot for my son. Tracy was great, made us feel comfortable got all the shots with outfit. We can’t wait to see final results. Thanks Tracy
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