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May 4, 2021 | Location

Location shoots. I absolutely love them! They’re something of a specialty of mine and if you take a look at the gallery, I am more than sure you will agree that the results of these shoots are absolutely, 100% outstanding. I just wanted to share with you exactly why I adore my lovely location photoshoots!

Just to explain a little about them, the concept of lovely location photoshoots is at heart as simple as it sounds. They are photoshoots where, instead of being centred in the studio, we head out to shoot on location. These shoots have taken my clients and I to all sorts of places. They can be a bit more complex than you would expect though – both as a photographer and for the results they produce!

Now, I do love a good studio session, it’s the very heart of my work. My studio is as much part of my home and heart as my living room. I have had so many great photoshoot sessions with so many brilliant people in my studio. But, equally, my lovely location photoshoots bring me so much pleasure!

Where to begin then?

children exploring nature climbing an old tree

As I mentioned, location photography sessions can be complex as a photographer.

In the studio, I have some much control over the environment and setting it up properly makes it very easy to capture amazing technical photographs. For example, when I submit photographs to competitions, the judges will even pore over tiny details like bits of dust floating in the air! Working in the studio allows me a great deal of control and actually makes it quite easy for me to have a great technical photographs.

This is the reason why I will typically select the locations for the photoshoots. It means I get to head out of the studio and find beautiful and interesting places to visit. And I love being outdoors.

Heading outdoors, I get to tackle the challenge of handling the environment as it is which means coping with lighting conditions and the elements. It means I get such a sense of achievement through lovely location photoshoots! I get to explore a little and find the perfect settings for clients. It can be a little like finding and exploring a secret garden!

Sometimes I will have clients requesting a venue. In these cases I absolutely need to visit the location so I can get a good feel of the area, check out lighting conditions, understand how the environment moves and where I can get the best out of the location.

I even need to know how and where the sun is as it moves across the sky during the day at the locations. To make lovely location photoshoots, I need to avoid glaring midday sunlight where possible. Instead, it’s best to use early morning light and late afternoon light.

Complex technically, complex results

Bronze package location photoshoots

One of the things that I love about location photography sessions is the fact that I am able to produce even more dramatic and complex results!

Being outdoors, I tend to find the clients can be a lot more relaxed. Especially when it comes to kids. Most kids naturally come to life when they have the space to race around in. Instead of trying to pose them I find that even the shyest children can come to life in location photography sessions. They don’t necessarily feel the pressure in an outdoor photoshoot that they may feel in the studio

Lovely location photoshoots mean we can create a really memorable experience for the couples, kids and families.

Where to Shoot

The great thing about lovely location photoshoots is the wide variety of potential locations for a shoot!

I have tonnes of control in my studio. I can use props, backdrops, costumes and lighting choices to create a whole host of scenarios and generally brilliant photoshoot concepts. You know what though? Locations have the extra little edge too.

red hair family in a field

Firstly, there is the choice of exactly where to shoot. The choice of lovely location photoshoot can really set an immediate tone. Generally, I will shoot in rural or pastoral locations. Lush green fields full of wildflowers. Shady, green leafed forest scenes and nodding heads of corn all create an instant impact in a photoshoot. But that’s not the only choice for a photoshoot!

A location shoot could take you to a grittier urban setting. Or perhaps make use of classical architecture and have a slightly gothic romance feel like a Wuthering Heights moment. The possibilities become so broad and engaging.

And even after choosing a location, there are all sorts of corners and hidey-holes that can present themselves as the perfect places to capture magical location photography. Perhaps it could be nestled in the arms of a broad oak tree? Or a whimsical moment with a dandelion clock, with the breeze rippling through the grass?

And then there are those places that may be really special to you! As I mentioned, I am open to visit locations suggested. So, your photoshoot could take you to the place where you got engaged, where you had your first date or where you child is named after! Who knows! The brilliant thing about location photoshoots is that there is just so much choice and the photographs are all the more fab because of it.

I have always loved being outdoors and love being with nature and exploring lovely areas. Doing location shoots gives me a reason to go and do some exploring find different areas and places to go and photograph in. And it produces some stunning results. Take a look at my gallery to see just how beautiful lovely location photoshoots can be!

If you love the idea of having a really special photoshoot on location somewhere gorgeous, then get in touch! Let me take you on location and help you build brilliant memories.

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