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Jun 4, 2021 | Newborn

I’d like to introduce Michaela. She has been one of my most valued clients and she shares her experiences here at Tracy Main Photography. Michaela here writes to share her experiences with me. She’s brought her lovely little ones in for new-born photoshoots, sitter photoshoots, Christmas photoshoots and pregnancy photoshoots.

Family photograph

I knew I wanted a baby photoshoot well before my first little one had arrived. I knew it was going to be special and I desperately wanted to make sure I got some really special photos to help me cement the memory of my baby as a beautiful little squishy thing.

I got to work searching. I did my research. I hit Facebook and Google. Scouring the web, I asked for the recommendations of friends and family and from kind strangers in various Facebook groups. One name popped up a fair-few times – Tracy Main.

Sitter photography with a smiling baby

Investing In Memories

Now I saw choosing my photographer as a real investment. After all, this is really a one-time opportunity. I wanted to capture my baby in the prime of his squishiness. Choosing the wrong person would mean completely missing the chance. I took the time to take a look at Tracy’s work and I have to say I thought it was astounding.

Looking through Tracy Main’s photography, I could see that she had a really clear eye. Her pictures were amazing. And not only that but I only lived about 10 minutes away from her studios. Tracy Main Photography just ticked all of the boxes.

Sitter photography in fancy dress

I booked in with her and I was confident that I would be getting pictures that I could definitely treasure for my whole lifetime.

My 1st Photoshoot

My little boy Jenson was 9 days old when I headed down to the studios for the shoot. If you’ve had babies I’m sure you’ll understand that at that point I was shattered! I was still reeling from the birth and Jenson was quite a lively little lad. He could actually be quite unsettled in those early days.

Award winning baby photography

It was astounding. Firstly, the studio was a brilliant place. It felt luxurious. And with Tracy herself being so warm and friendly yet professional I could feel myself immediately relaxing. And then she took my little unsettled boy of 9 days and he promptly fell asleep!

I’m convinced Tracy Main is the baby whisperer and not just an amazing photographer!

My boy stayed quiet and sleeping for the whole session. And I got the chance to actually sit back and enjoy having my precious little baby for probably one of the first times since he was actually born. It genuinely felt like a real experience, not just a means to an end. I had thought that the photoshoot was going to give me photos as memories but getting to sit there and enjoy the experience is a memory I will always treasure too.

Even more amazingly, I am proud to say that Tracy’s photos of my little boy actually won awards too!

I’ll Be Back

Since that first session, I have returned to the studio several times. I’ve been back for Christmas shoots, and my boy had a sitter session. Not only that but I also took my little girl for a new-born shoot as well.

Newborn photography

And Tracy is so flexible too! I hadn’t thought of it the first time that I visited, but she got us all in together for some shots with my little girl when we had our new-born photoshoot. Now I absolutely treasure those photos!

I have to say though, that some of my favourite shots come from my boy’s sitter session. I think they are a great choice because you do them when your baby has really started to develop their character. And Tracy was able to capture so many outstanding photos of my baby boy because she is just such a talented artist.

In fact, each time I go I simply HAVE to make sure I come away with every picture. It would be so hard to choose just one or two images. I love the fact that I get tonnes of memories and tonnes of amazing images to go with them.

I now actually live even further away from the studio, but you know what? That doesn’t us stop going back. Every photoshoot we’ve had with Tracy will stick with me. Like I said, I think photoshoots like these are a real investment in myself and my family and Tracy Main Photography is simply the best investment you could make. I recommend Tracy to all of my friends, and I proudly display all of the printed shots I’ve got. She captures timeless moments for you in a way that you will never manage to yourself or with a smartphone.’

Sitter photoshoot for Christmas

If, like Michaela, you’d like to come and capture some beautiful photos of your precious baby while at the same time creating memories to stick with you for a lifetime, please do get in touch! Everyone is welcome in my studio, or if you were interested in heading out for a location photoshoot.

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