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So much more than a headshot
Image credited to Jacky Chapman

It’s so much more than a headshot

Hi I am Tracy and have been a very successful photographer for many years scooping up many awards for my images.

During working with my clients I was often asked to take headshots for social media profiles . This got me thinking that a headshot is good but it does not tell you about the person behind the picture and what they stand for and represent and anything about their brand.

I am now on a mission to help small business owners like you and entrepreneurs create powerful and an amazing online brand presence, whilst also saving you time, stress, money and worry.

Due to peoples  shopping habits changing after  lockdown.  It  is the most crucial time to be visible online 

Tracy Main headshots and personal brand photography
Image credited to Jacky Chapman

Imagine having a stunning bank of professional, on brand images that you draw on everyday for your social media and online marketing needs? These images can also be used in all offline uses , posters , business cards leaflets etc. The list is endless.

A huge variety of images that you love, that perfectly represent you, your brand and your business but also tell the viewer the story behind you and your business, helping to grow know like and trust. This in turn attracts your ideal client and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Imagine the time and stress that this would save you?

Imagine the confidence you would gain?

Imagine how much of an edge this would give you in the market?

I can help you do all this!

Authenticity Is Important for Brands. Did you know 86% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support (Stackla, 2019).

Through a very bespoke personalised Brand Photography Session, we can design a shoot to capture exactly the images you want and need to grow your business and brand.

During  2020  and 2021 lockdowns people spent more and more time shopping online and looking for services online. These habits did not change once lockdown was lifted, so now is the most crucial time to be visible online, you have milliseconds to grab someones attention and having a stunning bank of images is the right thing to do this to make someone stop look and want to know more.

I am the worst person at being behind the camera but to be able to do these shoots I needed to know what it felt like to be the other side of the camera.  So I got another photographer to do some personal brand shots for me. Some of  which you see on this page.

At the end of the session I was actually loving it and somehow my confidence  in me and my brand grew and grew. 

I want you to have the feeling that I have now.

Image credited to Charlotte Broster

How it works

First, we chat…

I love to get to know all about you, your story, your business and your brand. I want to create a shoot that is going to perfectly capture a unique stunning bank of images to represent you and your brand, that will give you enough online coverage for at least 3 months…no more stress and worry about what to post!

Then we plan…

Together we will plan the session, and I will guide you on locations, outfits, props, accessories, poses…everything! I am there every step of the way to help you.

Then we shoot!

And I promise it will be more fun that you think, and the time will fly by.

Having planned our shoot together we both know exactly what we are doing , where and when, so we can relax , and have fun with it.

after the shoot you will have enough images to give you at least 3 months worth of social media coverage. Saving you time, stress and money!


Happy customer
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Julia Starzk
Virtual Brand Shoot – Saying that Tracy is an awesome photographer is like saying nothing. The amount of help received was incredible. Branded Photoshoot in the middle of lockdown during global pandemic. And yet! The most fruitful Photoshoot in my life! Some of the photos don’t even look like taken with an iPhone. They are professional and perfectly match my brand and all that in a an hour of great fun! There is no words to express how happy I am!
Personal Brand Photography Review - Julia Starzk
Personal Brand Photography Review - Gillian Reddin
Happy customer
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Gillian Reddin
My Virtual Photo Shoot.

A huge thank you to the lovely Tracy at Tracy Main Brand Photography. I thoroughly enjoyed our virtual shoot, I could not have asked for any more from your highly professional photography session.

This is the first time I have ever had any brand photography taken. It was such a pleasurable experience, you made me feel totally at ease and I will not hesitate returning to you for all my professional photography work.

I’m truly blown away with your fabulous photos.

The entire photo shoot was taken virtually via the wonder of modern technology, which meant both Tracy and I were in our own places of work. The perfect during these COVID-19 restrictions.

Happy customer
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Victoria Welton
Even photographers need images! I had a Virtual Brand Shoot with Tracy. Totally professional, Tracy knew exactly what she was looking for and ensured that she found the best angles to take the shots. I am really looking forward to seeing my gallery. The preview shots are fab – totally on brand too! Definitely recommend. Thank you Tracy
Personal Brand Photography Review - Victoria Welton
When consumers buy from brands, they put their trust in them. One survey showed that 81 percent of consumers said that they need to be able to trust the brand in order to buy from them (Edelman, 2019).
I’m on a mission to save you time and money, relieve you of stress and worry, and grow your business to success.
If you want to feel more confident and professional, have amazing visibility, and stop the daily scrabble of what to post today, then I can help you.
Brand photography by Tracy Main in Essex example 1
Brand photography by Tracy Main in Essex example 2
Coca-Cola spends an average of £2.9 billion on branding each year.
Businesses that understand the importance of branding are the ones who we recognise. They strategically select their colour scheme, and ensure they promote more than just a logo. They use imagery to show their brand personality. With a photoshoot you could do this too. A small investment truly does go a long way.

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