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Here I will be giving insights into some of my sessions how they went and some lovely photos to go with them so keep checking to se if you feature on my blog.


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By Tracy main, Jul 24 2020 11:12AM


Tracy main of TracyMainPhotography has just been awarded her Licentiateship of the Master Photographer Association (LMPA) with a stunning panel of Images of newborns and babies in the portrait category , which is her speciality.

The judges’ comments given to Tracy , included words like sheer quality, impact, stunning, outstanding and unique, which explained the strength of the whole panel.

Licentiateship of the MPA, is the hardest qualification to achieve within the photographic profession, as this takes a great deal of time, work and dedication to your art to reach this level. Entering the Association at probationary level and reaching the required high standards of this qualification is such a massive achievement.

Not only do you have to submit an extensive panel of photographic images, which are displayed and judged in front of 5 highly respected Fellows of the industry, but you also must produce an in depth working profile, about your work and business practises. This document goes into the Health & Safety elements that must be understood when dealing with the public, also have professional insurances that protect the public.

This is the reason why the public should only book a qualified professional photographer to photograph those precious memories in life, their wedding, pets or family and children, as it’s the only way they have of knowing they will get the best creative photographs and personal service possible.

For more details contact: -Tracy at

Email. [email protected]

Tel: 07983800478

I am over the moon to have beocme a qualified licentiate member of the Master Of Photographers association.

It is a very long and involved process to gain this distinction. Lockdown actually gave me the time to be able to work on it.

Most of the images I entered were from normal client galleries with no extra work involved on the shoots showing that my clients get award winning images by choosing me as their photographer. .

Below are some of the pages from my Working profile showing my profile and the images in my panel . I acheived a very high pass mark with my work with some of the images scoring the top mark possible .

I am now clasesd as a qualified Master photographer at Licentiate level . With letters behind my name LMPA

By Tracy main, Oct 23 2019 11:09AM

Being Prepared, Taking Precautions: Tips for Disabled Parents

The article below was written By Ashley Taylor

"My husband and I both have disabilities. We’ve always wanted children, and knew that because of our disabilities becoming parents and parenthood, in general, would require extra planning and prep.

From the get-go we started saving for IVF treatments and making modifications to our home that would make us and our future children safer. Along the way, we’ve picked up a lot of great resources on planning and preparing for parenthood as parents with disabilities and we’ve learned some valuable lessons, too.

The article gives advice for people with disabilities on how they can prepare their lives and their homes for parenthood? Links to all the products mentioned

Today, my husband and I have two amazing kids, and I thought this might be a good way to show my gratitude to the universe for all the ways we’ve been blessed."

New parents always have to make special arrangements to prepare to bring a newborn home for the first time. Safety precautions and adaptations that make baby and child care as convenient as possible need to be made, and equipment must be purchased. Ultimately, it’s the same for all parents, but for disabled individuals, things are a little different. It’s important to make sure there are no impediments that could get in your way and make it difficult to perform the parenting duties that come at you regularly, hour by hour, around the clock.

Accessibility and mobility

Parents need quick and ready access to all parts of the house when children are present, no matter how young they are. You never know when an emergency, such as a fall or choking incident, may happen that requires your immediate intervention. Ensure that transitions between rooms are even, install ramps if necessary, incorporate skid-resistant flooring where needed, and install expandable hinges in doorways for unimpeded access to each room.


As a disabled homeowner, you have presumably already made some modifications to improve access and ensure safety. With a child on the way, you’ll want to take extra precautions and make sure you haven’t overlooked something. Invest in non-slip mats in front of every sink, toilet and bathtub, and have grab rails installed in your bathrooms. Set up safety gates on stairways and in doorways, where needed, and have furniture and bookcases secured to the floor or wall to prevent tipping.

The equipment you need

You’ll find that some equipment is more helpful than others when it comes to caring for your child. If you need a mobility assistance device to get around the house, reaching up and over the side of a standard crib can be prohibitively difficult and will wear on your back and joints after a while. You’ll soon find that a side-entry crib makes quick access much easier; same goes for getting a little one in and out of a car seat. Reaching in and extracting a child from seat belts and out of the vehicle will quickly become a painful and repetitive movement, so consider investing in a swivel or rotating baby seat as soon as possible.

Bathing a child is a difficult task and takes some time to get used to - for someone with a disability, it can be a scary endeavor at first. Rather than reaching up and into, or leaning over, the kitchen sink or bathtub, you might need to get creative. A standard baby bathtub can be securely used on top of a table that a disabled individual in a wheelchair can reach easily. If your disability forces you to use upper body muscles primarily, this should definitely simplify the task of bathing.

Good logistics

Being prepared for parenthood also means having things where you want them, when you need them. Keep diapers and wipes stocked in changing “stations” on each floor, especially in your bedroom with your new child sleeping nearby. Keep a diaper bag fully equipped with everything you need to run errands or go to medical appointments so you don’t have to waste time searching the house for wipes, baby powder, bottles, formula, or pacifiers. It’ll also save some wear and tear on you in the long run.

Take care of yourself

When you’re preparing for a newborn, it can be easy to neglect your own needs. Be sure you’re getting enough sleep, spending some time outside , and refusing to take on any unnecessary obligations. It’s important to eat well, and it’s a good idea to take a multivitamin to make up for any nutrients your body may not be getting. A high-quality multivitamin will also raise your energy, which you’re going to need plenty of once your baby is born.

Make a careful assessment of your house before bringing a child home. Make any provisions for your little one’s safety, and make sure there’s nothing that could complicate your ability to provide timely, effective parental care.

'We hold our children in our hands  for such a short time '
'We hold our children in our hands for such a short time '

All Photos taken by Tracy Main at Tracy main Photography

Courtesy of

By Tracy main, Oct 20 2019 07:46AM

newborn baby photography by Tracy Main Photography
newborn baby photography by Tracy Main Photography

There are so many posts about what to pack in your hospital bag, it’s all a bit overwhelming so I thought I would do some research to try and help my expectant clients out.

When I started printing some off I quickly realised they were either American not making them as relevant,

or they just didn’t seem to include everything, like should you take different size sleep-suits?

cozy sleeping baby
cozy sleeping baby


Some people believe the contents depends on your birth plan, Well not everything always got to plan. So

the plan is to be prepared for the unexpected.

Keep open minded, anything could happen, be prepared that you might have to stay in a hospital instead

of a home both or you might have to stay in hospital for a longer timescale so packing should be sufficient for this also. So hopefully whatever your birth wish this hospital bag checklist should have you covered.

If you are planning a home birth still have a hospital bag packed. If you are planning a water birth be prepared that it might not be possible.

It is also a good idea about 4 weeks before baby is due to have an emergency car pack. So many babies

are actually born in the car on the way to the hospital. Some people get stuck in traffic, others baby just suddenly comes unexpected and very quickly so not enough time to get to hospital. Some people might be on an evening out so no hospital bag in car and no time to go home and get it to so the emergency pack is then with you.

Emergency car pack contents

Several towels, baby wipes, antibacterial hand gel, scissors, baby grow, nappy, bottle of water sanitary towel

Hospital Bag contents


It is a good idea to use your nappy bag if you have one to keep all things for the baby separate and

together in

Hospital bag checklist

Cotton wool pads

Water wipes (this is a bit of a controversial one, health visitors recommend wipes of no kind are used sometimes the cotton pads just don't do the job so have them as a back up)

Nappies. It is worth taking a few tiny baby size nappies and some newborn size as well as sometimes

babies are very small and the newborn ones swamp them.

Nappy cream - Not essential most newborns do not get nappy rash

Muslins x3. To clean up sick etc

Waterproof changing pad liner.- You can buy disposable changing pads these are very useful as babies will pee as soon as you take their nappy off this will save their crib sheets and clothes and prevent it going all

up their back as it will soak the pee up.

Swaddle blankets x2. Nice to keep baby warm and secure

Car seat blanket. You will need a blanket to put over baby in car seat when going home.

Ready made formula bottles You can buy them with sterilised teats included so need for any sterilising

(even if you are planning on breast feeding it is still worth taking them as not every baby can latch on.

Dummies -again you can buy sterilised disposable dummies or buy ones that can be sterilised in the microwave . Even if you don't want to give baby a dummy it is worth having them as a backup . Sometimes they help babies that are struggling getting the sucking reflex properly.

Bibs x 4

Hats x 3

Scratch mits x 2

Socks x 3

Bodysuits x 5. It is worth packing 3 newborn size and 2 tiny baby size

Sleep-suits x 4. Pack 4 newborn and 1 tiny baby just in case.

Cardigan. To put over going home outfit

Going home outfit. Take 2 maybe different sizes also think of what the weather might be and be prepared you could be discharged in the evening so it could be cold

Teddy’s. It is nice to have a little teddy as babies first teddy so you can photograph baby with.

Dirty clothes bag. Just a couple of Tesco bags to bring the washing home in.

Going Home outfit
Going Home outfit


Large t-shirt or nightshirt to give birth in

Bikini top. Worth taking even in not the king of going in the birthing pool but you have it in case.

Lightweight dressing gown. It does get very hot in hospitals and in Labour so take something cool but also that you don't mind getting ruined

Bed shirt x2. It is nice to have buttoned shirts to wear afterwards they are comfy and practical if breastfeeding.

Cheap large dark pants x5 It is also handy to take disposable knickers as the first few pairs you wear

could get very messy it saves having to wash them

Nursing bras x2 your breast will increase in size so buy a size larger than you are now.

Socks x2


Going home outfits. Make sure it is comfy and not tight fitting easy to put on.

Dark large towel & flannel


Breast pads & Large maternity pads

Toothbrush & toothpaste

Hairbrush, hair bobbles & clips

Body wash & mini shampoo/conditioner

un-scented deodorant

Face wipes & face moisturiser

Hand cream

Lip Balm

Cooling water spray This is great when in labour

Small mirror



Hospital notes

Camera & charger


Snacks, food and drink this is mainly for birthing partner as once mum is in labour food and drink is the last thing on her mind

Cash for parking

Car seat to bring baby home in

All you need now is for baby or babies to arrive

I hope this guide has been helpful

All photos in this article are taken by Tracy Main Photography

Have you thought about having a maternity photoshoot it is a stage in your life that is so beautiful and might only ever happen once in your life why not have these memories to keep for ever

Maternity photoshoot by Tracy Main Photography
Maternity photoshoot by Tracy Main Photography

Having a newborn photo shoot is the most amazing way to capture you newborn in the first few weeks of life . They are just so sleepy perfect and it is great to record this fleeting moment and have it for a lifetime.

Please contact Tracy via website for more information

If you are looking to find eco friendly proudcts and organic produts for your babies soft perfect skin this company does all this in one box and then the box doubles up as a keepsake memory box for all your newborns first memories.

Baby shower gift box /  babies memory box
Baby shower gift box / babies memory box

Check out their page at Little Lyons Shop

By Tracy main, Oct 18 2019 06:13PM

baby boy blue First birthday photo shoot
baby boy blue First birthday photo shoot

Well Today little Harry came to see me for his first birthday cake smash and splash photo shoot.

He certainly was a little cutie full of smiles the whole time. The first picture is from his mini portrait part of the session. This little rustic bench (made by Pedzlem Malowane) tie in perfectly with my light up ONE letters from Hobbycraft they are one of my firm favourites.

He is wearing one of my outfits by Rachel Riley . This outfit is fit for a Prince and yes the same design and colour was worn by Prince George in some of his pictures that Kate took of him.

Blue cake smash photosession
Blue cake smash photosession

After the mini portrait session where mum and dad got in a few pictures as well it was time for the cake smash. Again Harry is wearing one of my outfits for his cake smash. Little blue nappy pants with white braces matching blue tie and blue and white number one hat. Even though he was not keen on the cake at all you would never know. He just smiled the whole way through the session just stitting behind the cake and laughing and smiling. Did it matter that he didnt smash the cake? No The pictures are still great, mum and dad get a lovely cake to take home and we had less mess to clear up. Winners all round.

Bath splash time
Bath splash time

Time for the bath in my Denny Rub A Dub Tub made by Luxs. When I brought this bath I took some time to decide if it was worth the money as it cost about £200.00 . All I can say is yes it was worth it I get booked for my cake splash sessions just because of this bath it is so cute and dureable and the perfect size for baby to have a nice splash in. Harry certainly enjoyed it as well .

THANK YOU HARRY for being such a little star in your cake smash and splash session today

These pictures are just a little snippet into his session.

By Tracy main, Oct 17 2019 07:10PM

Unicorn themed photoshoot
Unicorn themed photoshoot

The second of my babies in to see me in the studio today was Farwa with her mum and dad.

She was a little on the timid side to start with but she soon warmed up with dads amazing bubble blowing.

She is wearing one of me bespoke designer flower tutus it is so gorgeous and fit for a princess.

This picture was take in the mini portrait session before she got changed for the cake smash.

unicorn cake smash photo shoot Essex
unicorn cake smash photo shoot Essex

After a change into my unicorn vest and rainbow tutu it was time for the cake. Im not sure what happened with both babies today ( it might be something to do with this awful weather) But she did not like the cake either. This time the cake was made by one of my amazing cake makers that makes my cakes for me Leighs Cake Creations. I think both babies decided today that the cakes were just too nice to smash.

Again the pictures still came out nice and mummy and daddy got a nice cake to take home.

If you want any more information on my sessions or to book please contact me

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